Women’s Mobile Photography Session

It was wonderful to be able to hold a mobile photography workshop in Kyemihoko village on a day off during our second Ugandan shoot, with thanks to all those who came. Zuleika invited Diana Kanweri to help lead this session and inspire the local women. Read on for Diana’s response:

”It was a great honour for me to be invited to this workshop to share some mobile photography basics with women in Rukoki-Kasese Uganda. I am Diana Kanweri, a camera woman who so far has been working on several chimpanzee film projects and looking to expand my knowledge and skills filming other wildlife in different areas. 

I developed a photography passion when I was a young adult after spending a lot of time with wildlife as a tourist guide and research assistant, where I realised that photography is the best way to connect and learn. I identify, interpret and mostly capture the rare moments and species we don’t witness everyday and that words and eyes cannot describe. 

I was so impressed to meet this group of women in Kasese who were interested in learning photography, similarly surprised that here, almost in my home community, I had not encountered any woman who cared to ask what I did with cameras and especially was convinced photography was a man thing.

Trying techniques
Getting feedback - Diana on right

We had a big turn up regardless of their home chores waiting and their zeal to learn was impressive. Zuleika and I shared important principles and uses of photography with them. I demonstrated techniques and they learned easily, playing around with some photography basics like phone holding, composition, framing, lighting, shot sizes, angles and story telling. We tried out these techniques with their phones, one or two who had smartphones and we shared ours with those who didn’t. The outcome was amazing as most of them were such enthusiastic and quick learners.

They have a great number of traditional activities they can record like fashion, traditional ceremonies and creative art. Some of the women brought hand woven baskets and took a few still lives. They can document future events and we left the Foundry centre a camera for anyone to practice with.

Jackson's tree snake

Given the beautiful community they live in on the slopes of the Rwenzori mountains and great work being done to re-wild the area, with continuous practice, these women will be able to do a wonderful job taking pictures of animals, birds, and even snakes which will help them identify them and learn how to live safely around them.

Perhaps the women can also teach other community members to take better photos which will hold a good future for them and the environment around, and may even earn them some income one day.

A very special thanks to Director Zuleika Kingdon and Films for Change for funding the workshop, inviting me and helping inspire the women.”


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