We have a potential series of projects in discussion or development with partners in East Africa. We will update these here as they go into production. See our Home page for our current production details and more activities below.



Ever wanted to know about cricket farming? Crickets are highly nutritious and having met Sinamakosa, we produced this video for him filmed one Sunday, on our day off from our main project in Uganda, simply because we were so impressed by his enterprise and product.


We have experience as mentors and trainers in production and editing skills. When possible we offer training courses for young people or adults wanting to gain more production experience. We will notify you of any training dates here, our events page or subscribe to our newsletter.

We recognise there are fewer training opportunities for people in Africa and so we'll endeavour to hold a training day free of charge to local communities as part of each of our current production plans.

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Stay in touch! Sign up for our latest news on projects and funding campaigns.


We've photographed our tree planting activity and many of you now have your contribution on this gallery wall.

Thank you so much, they are all doing well growing in the kyemihoko community.

Please donate to our film fundraiser to pledge more trees.

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We have created an interactive story map on for our Rwenzori partners

check out their posts and in future see where we plant your trees

We are happy to announce the Rwenzori founders have become accepted as members of the Global Rewilding Alliance - the official partner for the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration



HAPPY TO HELP - A Volunteer Organisation in Congo

Earlier this year we met Styve Kwirawire, a young Congolese film maker who approached us with a film he had just made in the hope of finding support for hundreds of people displaced by M23 rebel activities in the Congo (DRC) and who now live in makeshift plastic tents in camps without food, water, proper sanitation or medical supplies. Babies are being born under these dire conditions. 

Styve filmed it himself without a budget, he had no external microphones and had to rely on editing using an old computer that died before he could complete his sound edits. The images are powerful so please watch his film and click the button to read on to find out how you can support his people in war-torn regions of DRC.

"The objective of the video is firstly to show the world what these displaced people suffer. These victims of the M23 war are truly abandoned. Secondly, we wish to call for help, to recruit anyone able to help or join our aid mission and as a cry for help for our displaced populations. On our own we can't do much for this mass of people, however we strongly hope that the video made will meet our aims."

(Styve Kwiraviwe – Happy to Help Co-ordinator)

The Rwenzori Founders are helping construct this new hospital which will replace one in Kilembe destroyed by flash Floods. Our story is about mitigation and ecological restoration. This hospital can look forward to botanical gardens and reforestation creating a mindful healing environment.

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