Entebbe & Kampala

What a glorious sleep followed by a dawn chorus like no other.  Rested and re-invigorated, we were driven along the brand-new motorway, the first in Uganda which happens to run between Entebbe and Kampala.  Built by the Chinese, and paid for by a toll, it has sped the journey between the two cities up considerably.   I’d forgotten about the Boda-bodas – motorbike taxis with two to four people astride weaving out of the traffic with hardly a helmet in sight.  My heart cried out for the children sandwiched between two adults, with bare arms and legs, but it’s all completely normal here.

With the help of several Boda bodas who guided us (and we followed) to a village outside Bulenga, we found Angelica’s house.  Angelica, 84, and her daughter Judith are part of a craft co-operative that have helped to make the rewards for our backers.  Everything is handmade and we were thrilled to support local craftworkers. What a wonderfully warm family, welcoming us into their home for roasted peanuts and passion fruit juice.  We left with an invite to come back and stay the night whenever we were passing … and they meant it!

Saturday morning and we were up early to travel, once again into Kampala.  We arrived at Xtrim Casting who were hosting us as we had invited any professional or aspiring filmmakers who wanted to come to a Chat and Share.  The aim was to network with other Ugandan film makers, to tell them what we were doing and to share experiences.  We were humbled by the people who came, giving up their precious Saturday – but the fact that we were still chatting an hour and a half after our allotted time, was confirmation enough that it had been worthwhile.  So – if anyone needs camera people, composers, lighting, sound, writers, directors or producers in Uganda – let us know.

Off up the hill to Makere University – to the Art Department where we met Lillian Nabulima and visiting artist Janet Goldner – talented sculptors who showed us work by their students. 

Sculpture by Ignatius Sserulyo

We also met our friend Masereka there – who runs Ideas For Uganda with two colleagues.  Masereka is one of the most entrepreneurial people we’ve met.  He has so many projects on the go including a Go Fund Me for girls’ education (links on our website), solar powered water pumps for primary schools, fruit tree gardens for schools and hospitals and many inter-generational projects.  He is also a nurse at a clinic in Kamouli north of Jinja so how he fits it all in, I don’t know.  We returned to Entebbe, dodging the Boda bodas and had the privilege of meeting up with Zuleika’s father and brother, on their way back from a wildlife research trip and flying back to the UK after dinner.  Walking to meet them we passed goats and cows grazing on the verges outside private houses and saw trees laden with mangos, bananas and jack fruit.  Another day of soaking up Ugandan culture with the thrill of the Rwenzori Mountains to come.

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